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The purpose of these rules is to ensure the Run’s integrity as a test of individual performance, providing equal conditions for all. The guiding principles of the Performance Rules are as simple as : play fair, be safe, and respect the land.

There will be no unofficial runners.

Each runner’s official bib number must be worn prominently on the front of the body and must be easily visible at all times.

Runners must follow the marked trail at all times.

Each runner must complete the entire course under his own power.

Each runner must be checked IN and checked OUT at all checkpoints.

All cut-off times will be strictly enforced. Runners must be checked OUT of the checkpoint before the cut-off time. Runners reaching to the checkpoint after the cut-off time will be pulled from the Run.

In addition to information provided by the runner in the Run application’s medical questionnaire, each runner must fully disclose to medical personnel at the pre-Run check-in any changes to existing medical conditions and all prescription medications being taken.

Littering of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the natural beauty of our trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them.

Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.

Any runner who is unable to finish the Run must personally inform the aid station captain of the nearest checkpoint of his decision to withdraw. He must give his timing chip and bib number ti the captain at that time.AID STATIONS

Perhaps the one thing that stands out most in the memories of every runner who participates in the Templiers is the devotion of the volunteers who work the aid stations. With a staff of over 800 volunteers, the support given to the runners is unparalleled.Without the help of these volunteers, there would be no Templiers Great Run. Many of these volunteers  spent days making the Run ready and will stay at their stations for over 24 hours. They have given up their day tfor free o insure you the best possible chance of success. They have given up their weekend to insure you the best possible chance of success. So that why we would like you to give volunteer the courtesy, respect and some sincere thanks he really deserves.The aid station captains have many years of service at Templiers and are « professionals ». The aid stations are well stocked with fluids and a variety of foods. The fluids that are generally available are : water, Nutratletic (an energy drink with electrolytes), Coca Cola. The aid stations will also have soup, hot coffee and tea. The foods that are generally available are : salt replacement foods, fruits, cookies, sandwiches, cheese etc.

The medical staff has many years of service at Templiers. We feel that we provide the safest and the better medical backup. Several of these people have been participants in the Run, making them all the more aware of the needs of the runners.

Drop bags are not allowed (before and during the race)

Pacers are not allowed

Cut-off times reflect the deadlines for leaving the aid station. If you return to an aid station after the cut-off, you will be pulled from the Run. The cut-off times will be strictly enforced by the Cutoff Coordinators or Aid Station Captains. Anyone leaving an aid station after the cut-off time will be disqualified.

This rule is for the safety of all participants. If you miss the cut-off, you must STOP.

Crews must follow all of the rules and regulations of the Run, including the Performance Rules.
All crew members must willingly comply with all instructions from Run personnel at all points along the trail and its access routes, including parking regulations, or risk disqualification of their runner.

1. A crew member is defined as any individual who provides material support to a runner in the event.
2. Crews may meet runners or assist them only at those aid stations specifically designated for crews. Crews must wait to assist their runners until after the official check-in
3. Crews must adhere to instructions of all aid station personnel, including requests to vacate a certain area of the checkpoint.
4. Crews must stay within a 50 meters radius of the aid station while attending to their runners.
5. Crews must always drive at safe speeds ! No matter how fast a runner may be, it is possible for crews to arrive at all the major checkpoints without exceeding the posted speed limits.
6. Crews must never park in such a way as to block traffic, access to the trail or checkpoint, or other parked cars.
7. No mountain bikes or mechanical devices (except for disabled) will be permitted along crew access roads
8. Littering of any kind at any checkpoint, along the trail, or at the finish line is strictly prohibited.


For the “Grand Trail des Templiers”, € 30,200 in total for the top ten runners.
Same prize money for women and men.
1st woman & man € 7,000
2nd woman & man € 3,000
3rd woman & man € 2000
4th woman & man € 1000
5th woman & man € 600
6th woman & man € 500
7th woman & man € 400
8th woman & man € 300
9th woman & man € 250
10th woman & man € 200